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    Hair color are great ways to change your hair, according to your mood and personality. If you want to try out new looks, you can always enhance your appearance by changing your hair color. So, Biocos Hairs colors are a safe way to enhance your hair color by protecting and coloring them in a safe way.How to use?
    1- If the hairs are oily or does not clean the hair for too long, wash the hair thoroughly before applying the color. Because if the hair contains moisture or oil, it is difficult to get the desired color of the hair.
    2- If there is a metallic dye or henna first, bleach / cut the hair first.
    3- Make a skin test before using.
    4- Wear gloves. Add the developer according to the amount of hair color from the tube and mix well
    .5- Divide the hairs into small sections and apply the color from scalps to the ends with the help of a brush.
    6- Allow the hair color to be applied to the hair for a maximum of 25-30 minutes and wash the hair thoroughly with Biocos conditioner + shampoo. Do not apply more than 30 minutes because after 30 minutes synthetic hair color turns into metallic hair color.

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